Construction Job Categories

Building Your Future

It's Your Job—How Far Can You Go? How far you go in this rapidly expanding industry depends not only on how well you prepare yourself for each job, but how well you do it. Responsibilities come early and with them, the chance to show what you can do, and the opportunity to advance toward your ultimate goal.

People come into construction in various ways. Many enter through craft apprenticeship programs and become skilled trade's people. Some start out in a contractor's office as skilled technicians, engineers, accountants, and secretaries or in other positions. However, advancement in all cases after entering the industry depends on the efforts of the employee and the needs of the employer.

Contractors normally specialize in one or more of the following types of construction:

General Building Construction:

Erecting office buildings, houses, apartments, plants, schools, hospitals, churches, government buildings

Highway Construction:

Building highways and bridges, doing grade separations and culverts, paving, moving earth, and landscaping

Heavy Construction:

Building tunnels, airports, dams, military bases, railroads and doing flood control projects

Utilities Construction:

Constructing power plants and transmission stations, doing pipeline installations, sanitation projects, and waterworks