High School Students, START NOW!

If you are a current high school student who is interested in becoming an apprentice (a Boilermaker s apprentice for example), you can begin preparing for your future now. In addition to fulfilling your high school's graduation credit requirements, try to include some of the courses for boilermaker described in "A Day in the Life of a Boilermaker." Career-technical programs related to the apprentice program at your local career center during your junior and senior years will allow you to begin training while you are still in high school.

Your career pathway to a rewarding career will probably begin with an entry-level position that includes some on-the-job training. Acceptance into an apprenticeship program allows you to advance your skills to a technical level with continued training and related job experiences. Completed apprentices advance to journeymen positions at the professional level.

In building your career pathway, talk to your guidance counselor about entry, technical and professional occupations and the amount of time that you are willing to invest in training. Your guidance counselor can help you plan a series of academic and career-technical courses that will help you work toward your career goal throughout grades 9-12. A sample career pathway map for a career as a boilermaker might look like this:

Download a CAREER PATHWAY PLANNING FORM, (in PDF Format*) or obtain a similar form from your high school guidance office.

*PDF files require Adobe Acrobat (or similar) to print or view. Get Acrobat here.