a Roofer or Waterproofer

“Roofing is a very physical trade that offers excellent wages and benefits. I recommend this craft as a career choice for anyone who doesn’t mind a good day’s work for a good day’s pay.”
—Michael Maguire, Administrator

What Do They Do

Roofers specialize in putting roofs on buildings and other structures to make them waterproof and weatherproof. They apply composition shingles, tile, slate and composition roofs. They use modern equipment to handle their materials, thereby lessening the physical exertion that was formerly required. Roofers are also called up to waterproof and damp-proof walls and other building surfaces.

Working Conditions

With the exception of waterproofing of some walls, the roofers work outdoors in all kind of weather and only shut down operations when the weather becomes too severe. Most of the time they work on the top of buildings installing roofing materials. In their work, they do a great deal of climbing, kneeling, standing and walking.

Interest and Temperament

Roofers must have no fear of height, have a good sense of balance and a better-than average sense of safety for themselves and their co-workers. Persons wishing to enter this type of work should enjoy working with their hands and accept working outside, sometimes under unpleasant weather conditions.

General Qualifications

Educational Background Recommended

Math, science, mechanical drawing

Admission Requirements of the Joint Apprentice Committee

Terms of Apprenticeship Training

Application and Information

Roofer and Waterproofers JATC
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Toledo, OH 43615-5301
Telephone: (419) 531-5911
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The recruitment, selection, employment, training and promotion of apprentices shall be without discrimination based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, religion, disability/handicap or veteran status.