A Cement Mason

ďThe desire for being a cement mason is unlike any other job, which is probably why I chose this as my profession. Iíve always enjoyed the outdoors, competition and being physically fit. Unlike other jobs, itís not a person who is your boss, itís the concrete.Ē
—Chris Varga, Cement Mason

What Do They Do

Cement Masons level, smooth and shape surfaces of freshly poured concrete. This includes projects such as patios, floors, sidealks, huge dams, and the finishing of exposed concrete surfaces such as highways, foundations, walls of large buildings and airport runways. They are also involved in residential basement and driveway work and must know the working characteristics of various cement and concrete mixes.

Working Conditions

The work is active and strenuous. Once concrete is poured, it must be worked before it sets, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. A Cement Mason must be willing and able to work outdoors in inclement weather.

Interest and Temperament

The Cement Mason must be able to work in hot or cold weather and enjoy working with their hands. The ability to get along with others is important because cement masons frequently work as a team.

General Qualifications

Educational Background Recommended

Math, blueprint reading, mechanical drawing

Admission Requirements of the Joint Apprentice Committee

Terms of Apprenticeship Training

Application and Information

Toledo Area Cement Mason JATC
4535 Hill Ave.
Toledo, OH 43615-5301
Telephone: (419) 531-5911
Fax: (419) 531-4302

The recruitment, selection, employment, training and promotion of apprentices shall be without discrimination based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, religion, disability/handicap or veteran status.