A Glazier

“For years I worked in an office for low pay. Opportunity knocked for me to accept the challenge of becoming a Glazier Apprentice. I was a little anxious at first because of the physical and mental demands the trade has. Now I know that I can hang with the best. My reward for accepting the challenge is a satisfying career with high pay.”
—Jennifer Outland, Glazier Apprentice

What Do They Do

Glaziers engaged in construction work cut and install all types and sizes of glass, such as plate glass of all kinds and thicknesses, clear and heat absorbing window glass, obscure glass, mirrors, leaded glass panels and insulating glass units; also they fabricate and install aluminum entrances, sidelights and show windows. They fit and install plastic and porcelain panels in metal and wood frames.

Working Conditions

Glaziers work both indoors and outside depending on the job. Window fabricating and some installations are done indoors; however, glaziers do much of their work outdoors or in unheated areas. Glaziers do a great deal of standing, lifting and carrying with some work at heights.

Interest and Temperament

A glazier must be able to work carefully and often without close supervision. Glaziers must be adaptable to a wide variety of working conditions. The job requires a considerable amount of bending, kneeling, lifting and standing.

General Qualifications

Educational Background Recommended

Math, blueprint reading, mechanical drawing

Admission Requirements of the Joint Apprentice Committee

Terms of Apprenticeship Training

Application and Information

Glaziers JATC
4535 Hill Ave.
Toledo, OH 43615-5301
Telephone: (419) 531-5911
Fax: (419) 531-4392

The recruitment, selection, employment, training and promotion of apprentices shall be without discrimination based on race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, religion, disability/handicap or veteran status.